On Spacelens, you can send and receive different types of tokens and coins. There are many different blockchains and coins existing and we strive to gradually offer as many as we possibly can.

You will always see on the Spacelens app which tokens are available to receive or send, including all the Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens which by default are available in the Spacewallet.

In order to send or receive tokens, simply visit the Spacewallet tab, and select the coin that you would like to send or receive.

If you want to send tokens to someone else, ask them their address and make sure you are both talking about the same token as sending tokens to the wrong address or wrong blockchain could make you lose all the tokens that have been sent. No one could retrieve this for you.

If you want to receive tokens, click on receive on the Spacewallet tab, select the token you want to receive and simply share it with the other person. In the case of ERC-20, Ethereum based tokens, your receiving address will be the same as your Ethereum address.

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