Whenever you create a new crypto wallet which offers you access to your private keys, you will generate a seed phrase.

This seed phrase is like a "password" that allows you to access and have control on your bitcoin, tokens, and other blockchain assets.

It's critical to never share this seed phrase with anyone and to not lose it. If you lose your seed phrase, no one will be able to recover it for you and you would lose access to all your funds and tokens.

It's also very important to never share this seed phrase online as someone could find the information of your private keys and access your wallet through a blockchain wallet.

If you change device, phone or want to use any other crypto wallet, you can always do so by importing your seed phrase. This will allow you to easily "import" or "export" your funds from a wallet to another so you can for example decide to import your tokens to the Spacewallet.

Because of the nature of blockchain, your funds and tokens live on a decentralized ledger so technically you can use any wallet, that have the sufficient capabilities, to send, receive and manage your tokens. You can have several wallets from several providers which all manage the same blockchain addresses.

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