If you see a content that you see as objectionable on the platform, you can report it to our team for further review. There is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users on the Spacelens platform.

You can also block at anytime a user on the platform and/or report a user that is abusive or which profile contains objectionable content.

  1. How do I report a post that contains objectionable content?

In order to report a post or comment on a post, simply swipe left on the content you want reported. You will see a "Report" option appear as per the screen below:


  • Click on the "Report" button. You will be presented with different options for why you are reporting this specific post, content or comment. 

You can also use the same swipe mechanism to report an objectionable content from the feed of a particular location:

You can also report a post from within the extended view. If you have clicked on a post and want to report it from there, simply click on the 3 dots you see appearing on that post:

The Spacelens team will receive your Report and will investigate it in the next 24 hours. If the content is objectionable or abusive, the user providing the objectionable content will be expelled from the Spacelens platform.

2. How do I block and/or report a user?

In order to block a user, you simply need to visit the profile of that user and click on the 3 dots you see on the right of that user's profile page:

By clicking on these 3 dots, you will open a menu that offers you an option to Block and/or Report that user:

If you click on the "Block/Report" option, a window will open that lets you decide to block and/or report that specific user.

You can decide at anytime to Send a report to the Spacelens team if you feel that this user is abusive and/or use the platform to post objectionable content. We do not tolerate any abusive users or objectionable content on the platform. Users who do not abide with those rules will be immediately ejected from our platform.

You can also read about our Safety feature here

You can read at anytime Spacelens' Terms & Conditions here.

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